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Window on The Woods

Keep up with all the great Woods stories by visiting Window on The Woods, The Official Blog of The Woods Academy. Here we will feature posts from our teachers, students, and other members of The Woods community.

Mrs. Pabon, Music Teacher

On Friday, March 10th, our 1st through 8th graders came together for our annual Instrumental Music Showcase.

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Art & Self-Esteem
Mrs. Taverner, Art Teacher

Helping children navigate through childhood so they will survive with self-esteem is a difficult process for any parent. As teachers and parents we praise and encourage our kids. This is all essential, but did you know that activities such as Art has proven to boost a child’s confidence and improve their self-image? 

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Inventions Defy Convention
Ms. Dosh & Ms. Vassos, 3rd Grade Teachers

Did you ever really stop and think how our world would be different if Benjamin Franklin had not gotten the ball rolling on lightning? What a bleak world it would be. What about the lack of existence of Marie Curie and her contributions to the discovery of radioactivity?

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Mr. Alisbah, 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher and Chess Instructor

Many students at The Woods play chess as an after school activity. One the greatest chess players ever, Gary Kasparov, Former World Chess Champion, explains why playing chess can be so important to a developing mind.

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