The Woods Academy

Playing a Song of Gratitude

I've come to realize you should share your talent or form of self expression with the world, not just for the compliments or accolades, but to express your gratitude for God's gift to you.
Recently, the four other girls in my flute choir and I were blessed with the opportunity to preform at Carnegie Hall in a student recital through my music school. I was elated that my friends and I would have the chance to share the fruits of our hard work with friends and family. That giddy excitement never left me from the moment I found out we were accepted into the recital until I was backstage, five minutes before our performance. My flute felt heavy in my hand and my dress felt just a bit too tight as my heavy breathing increased. The other musicians at the recital were far more skillful than I was. Was I truly deserving to stand on that stage and preform? Would I impress the audience? Would I please God? As the door to the stage was opened and I stepped out into the light, I knew that no matter what, I had to stand on that stage and give it my all to thank God for this opportunity. Maybe I can't please everyone in the audience, but I can make God proud. That's all that really matters.
On the stage, I felt incredibly humbled just thinking about all of the talented artists who had stood here before me. With all the courage and passion I could muster, I played a song of gratitude. In that melody, I thanked my parents for all of their support behind my music and for all the late night practices they drove me to. I thanked my flute choir teacher for never losing faith in us, no matter how many wrong notes we played or sheets of music we lost. I thanked Mrs. Pabon, whose enthusiasm and love of music was what inspired me to pick up the flute in the first place. And I hope my gratitude was evident in every note I played.
I learned here at The Woods that just an instrument and some sheet music gives you a unique bond and sense of camaraderie with other musicians like no other. That bond and sense of purpose is something I will never lose.
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