The Woods Academy

The Prodigal Son

Christ's words make God's care for us tangible - through a father's gaze at his misguided son, Rembrandt's painting transforms words to image: a father's eyes dripping an unfathomable love.

Now glance at our 7th graders placing themselves in the scene. The disheveled son, the soon-to-embrace Father, and on-lookers with varying looks of appreciation, shock, and disdain.
At right: The Parable of the Prodigal Son from the words of Christ in 30 A.D. to Rembrandt's brush in 1669 (bottom) to 7th grade actors in 2017 (top).

Our 7th graders utilize iPads (the timely) to hammer home Christ's timeless message -- God loves each of us wildly and unconditionally.

This parable represents a foundation of our Catholic faith. We have read it the third Sunday of Lent for centuries (timeless). Each year we listen with new ears (timely).

The implication for our school?

Our students bring the Father's love to the their community each day - whether it's picking up trash, going the extra mile on a trying assignment, earning a personal best on a physical challenge in PE, opening doors, tutoring one another, praying for and acting on behalf of the UNS, or greeting our Head of School with a smile and warm handshake 175 days a year.

A picture may be worth a thousand words....but on 6801 Greentree Road, Christ's story, funneled through words on a page, brush strokes on canvas, or an image captured by an iPad, ignites "significant" acts of joyful love.
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