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The Arts is an integral part of The Woods curriculum from Montessori through eighth grade. Students participate in specialized courses in music, fine art, drama, technology, and Library Theater.
The Annual Arts Celebration and Art Gallery in May is a culmination of the year’s work by all students throughout the whole school.
Dramatic Arts
The seventh and eighth grade students explore the fundamentals of dramatic arts from acting, singing, and improv, to vocal projection, monologues, and dialogues. Students also learn the various elements of production such as casting, blocking, rehearsing, and performing.
The seventh and eighth grade students take a course on electronics and microcontrollers. Students build and program electronic circuits using the Arduino board. Arduino is a prototyping platform that allows students to make numerous electronic creations.
Fine Art
Fine art is a hands-on experience and students are exposed to a variety of media including drawing, print-making, architecture, sculpting, and ceramics. Students develop their skills in an environment that emphasizes creative expression and an appreciation for the contributions of others. This includes the study of art history, analysis, and aesthetic discussions. The students are encouraged to experiment, take creative risks, develop their creativity, and use their imaginations.

The music program is designed to engage students’ minds, bodies, and spirits through singing, song-games, and instrument playing. Based on the Kodaly and Orff methods of music teaching, the ultimate aim of the program is to instill in each student a love and appreciation of all types of music. Frequent performing opportunities give students a chance to expressively share the music they have studied. Through studying and performing music, students develop poise, personal expression, confidence, and a life-long love of music.
Library Theater
Library Theater provides the setting for the first and second grade drama program. Each class performs short plays involving all students in these grades. These productions, directed by the librarian, give students the opportunity to develop public speaking skills as well as dramatic acting skills in front of an audience of their peers as well as parents and teachers. Students of all ages acquire a love of literature by participating in and watching these productions.