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Faith Life & Community Service

The Woods is a Catholic school dedicated to enriching the spiritual lives of all students. Our Catholic orientation illuminates our mission and prepares students to lead purpose-filled lives, serve others, and respect the humanity of all people. Beginning in first grade all students participate in religion classes that teach the foundations of Catholic theology as well as the traditions and faiths of other religions. We celebrate the heritage of students of other faiths and teach the value of inclusiveness. The bedrock of our program is the belief that humanity’s highest good is serving others.
Community service projects are woven through the entire curriculum. Through its service-learning program, The Woods offers students not only opportunities to put their values into practice, but to learn about the core causes of some of the social injustices they may one day have the chance to change. Whether gathering shoes for cold feet or fasting while feeding the hungry, students do more than give: they care.
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