The Woods Academy

Montessori Preschool

"We cannot make a genius. We can only give students the chance to fulfill their potential to become independent, secure and balanced human beings."
--Maria Montessori
The Woods Montessori program meets the needs and interests of three to six year olds. Learning is intrinsically motivating and joyful in the multi-age classroom and prepared environment. There are opportunities for children to lead, teach, interact, and learn through collaboration, cooperation, and the observation of others. Materials are located at child-level so that students may pursue their own interests at their own pace under the guidance of our dedicated and well-trained teachers and staff.

Singing, stories, poetry, sharing, and outdoor play augment the Montessori program. In addition to activities in Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, and English Language Arts, teachers enrich the classrooms with thematic, integrated units that include studies of the continents as well as holidays, seasons, and animals. Three and four year old children participate in library, music, and physical education during their morning at The Woods. Four year olds with teacher recommendations have the option of participating in a four day-a-week full-day program (The Owls) that allows additional time for extended Montessori activities including Hands On Science, library, and cooking in the afternoon. The Luncher Program for five/six year olds is a full day with time for both individual and small group activities. In the afternoon, the “Lunchers” have French or Spanish, music, fine art, physical education, and library.
Storytellers, puppet theater, music, and science programs are presented during the year to enhance classroom activities and provide art and theater experiences that draw from the wealth of opportunities in the D.C. area. In addition, Lunchers may travel to The National Gallery, The Kennedy Center, Montgomery County Recycling Center, Homestead Farm, and museums.