The Woods Academy


At The Woods Academy, technology is an important part of a student’s academic pursuits. The Woods sees technology as a way to enhance and extend learning. Technology allows teachers to further engage and motivate students in their exploration of the curriculum.

In the Classroom
Our various uses of technology support innovative learning. The Woods Academy has a robust wireless network that allows all classrooms to use an array of mobile devices. In addition to our computer lab, students use mobile laptop carts throughout the school. Students also have access to video production equipment. Students use video cameras and video editing software to produce original work. Each classroom in first through eighth grade is furnished with Epson Brightlink interactive whiteboards. Several classrooms throughout the school have document cameras to allow teachers to easily share resources and student work. Our Montessori and Lower School classrooms are equipped with iPad stations and classroom computers to extended and enhance learning. Students in sixth through eighth grade are each assigned an iPad that they use at school and home.

Innovative Technology Curriculum
At The Woods Academy we believe that our students need a solid foundation in technology. This foundation includes understanding how technology works as well being able to use technology to create. Not only do our classroom teachers integrate technology into their lessons, but an explicit technology curriculum is taught to our students beginning in second grade.

Second graders are introduced to robotics through the WeDo Lego robotics program. Students are able to build and program a variety of robots.

Third and Fourth graders learn computer programming concepts through Scratch and Kodu. Scratch and Kudo were developed to allow students to create interactive stories, games, music, and art while using mathematical and computational ideas.

Fifth grade students learn about The Science of Robotics. The Lego Mindstorm Robotics curriculum forms the core of the computer programming and robotics unit. Students are challenged to design and program robots that will accomplish a variety of tasks. The unit culminates with a robot design competition.

In sixth grade, students take a class to continue their understanding of computer science. Students explore computational concepts using Alice programming developed by Carnegie Mellon University and the Python programming language.

Seventh and eighth graders take a course on electronics and microcontrollers. Students build and program electronic circuits using the Arduino board. Arduino is a prototyping platform that allows students to make numerous electronic creations.

Robotics Teams
Students in sixth through eighth grade have an opportunity to be part of the after school robotics teams. The teams compete in the First Lego League where they design a robot to complete several mission challenges.