Our Next Head of School: Dr. Jessica Palladino

Why Dr. Jessica Palladino?

A dedicated group of community members with extensive experience in leadership at The Woods Academy and in the community agreed to serve on the Succession Planning Committee and lead the search for our next Head of School, Dr. Jessica Palladino.

Below you can hear committee members describe some of the reasons they believe Dr. Palladino is the right choice for The Woods Academy!

Skills and Experience

As a principal of an independent Catholic grade school myself and a Woods parent, I am thrilled about the skills and experience Jess brings to the table.
- Brian Farmer, Parent '22, '25, Principal at Washington Jesuit Academy

Exceeding Expectations

I was blown away by all of Jess' references. It is clear that she made an impact in the County... One reference said, "she will exceed every expectation you have of her." 
- Paula Pryor, Trustee, Parent '31, EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer at Walker & Dunlop

Budgets and Fundraising

She looks at the budget and evaluates the budget, in line with the strategic plan. From a financial perspective, that is really critical to the success of setting long term goals and meeting those long term goals. I also found her really good at articulating the vision behind the need.
- Stephanie Morgan-Davis, Treasurer (and past Vice Chair), Board of Trustees, Parent '17 '22 '25, Chief Financial Officer at Our Lady of Good Counsel 

Building Relationships

Jess has the experience to stay focused on the classroom - to support our teachers, to support our students; and to bring a bright future to The Woods. 
- John Glennon, Jr., Trustee, Headmaster at Georgetown Preparatory School

Strategic Planning and Engagement

When you think about what she's done in her current school, that shows me that we have someone that isn't afraid to challenge the status quo.  
- Darien Wright, Former Board Vice Chair and Trustee, Parent '17 '23

Connecting with the Community

The thing that struck me the most was her ability to engage with faculty and staff, the adults, and, most importantly, the students. She was very attentive and very engaged with the students.  
- Warren Blanchard, Former Board Chair and Trustee, Parent '16, '20, '25

Personal Approach to Learning

The question she answered that most impressed me was, "How do you define excellence?" Excellence is defined at different levels for every student.  
- Marc Ferrell, Trustee, Parent '23 '26 '28 '29

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