Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

The Woods Academy is an inclusive Catholic community preparing boys and girls to lead lives of significance.

Our Philosophy

The Woods Academy is committed to developing the minds, spirits and bodies of students in a safe, caring community that honors each student as a child of God.

Inclusive Catholic

The teachings and traditions of Catholicism and the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition provide the context in which each student can pursue his or her full potential. We warmly welcome students of all faiths and encourage them to share their religious history and traditions with each other. We strive to offer opportunities for all school community members of various ethnic heritages, cultures, races, faith traditions, and economic backgrounds to interact with and learn from one another.

Academic Excellence

Students learn habits of the mind including the ability to think critically, creatively, and analytically through participation in our academically rigorous program. The Montessori approach to early education lays the foundation for our lower and upper school academic programs which develop intellectual discipline and a life-long love of learning.

Strong Values

Students learn habits of character including faith, morality, independence, responsibility, loyalty, self-confidence, leadership, compassion, personal integrity, and respect for others through the high expectations and examples of our dedicated teachers, administration, and staff and through participation in school and community service activities.

Personal Health

Students develop physically, gain self-confidence, and learn healthy habits through our physical education classes and healthy competition through our interscholastic sports program.

Comprehensive and Creative

Our comprehensive program acknowledges the unique gifts of each student and nurtures and challenges them in a spirit of self-discovery and personal growth. Enriched experiences in the arts provide our students with the opportunity to explore their creativity in a risk-free environment.

Co-educational and Safe

Students learn best in a safe and caring environment. At The Woods, faculty, administration, and staff are committed to each child’s development in a setting free from harassment, bullying, and prejudice. Our co-educational environment enables boys and girls to develop a strong base for positive life-long relationships with their own and the opposite gender.

Caring Community

The hallmark of The Woods is a genuine sense of community. Our small class size and close-knit environment is optimal for the personal and educational growth of students. Faculty, administration, and staff know the students well and challenge them to realize their full potential. Parents and families know and help each other and volunteer invaluable time to school activities.

The Woods faculty, administration, and staff strive to lay a firm foundation in academic excellence, strong values, and physical health that will guide and support Woods graduates throughout their lives.

Strategic Plan

Explore our 2018 Strategic Plan, Building to Lead, The Woods vision for the next five years.



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Grow at The Woods

The Woods Academy is where children come to discover their talents, grow in their faith, challenge themselves, and foster a strong desire to lead lives of significance.

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