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Private school in Bethesda, MD, The Woods Academy, provides engaging field trips for students.

According to a recent study, students who participate in multiple field trips during the school year have higher test scores, perform better in class, and have increased cultural conscientiousness over time. Additionally, field trips will also bolster critical thinking, increase cultural growth, promote hands-on learning, and increases student engagement.

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Why Co-Ed?

Unfortunately, there is no conclusive research that identifies that one has a real advantage over another. Yet, there are some important benefits to a co-ed elementary school worth highlighting.

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News from Campus

Asst. Head of School reads a book to Montessori preschool students at The Woods Academy

Too often, we consider fear a bad feeling. However, fear can also teach us to move forward and be brave like Curly Locks. Fear can tell us to slow down and take warning, allowing us to make adjustments and grow. So, it is okay to be afraid. If you feel fear, take a moment to try to figure out what is causing it. Then accept it, learn from it, and move on.

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Montessori preschool students age 3-6 recite poems at The Woods Academy.

There is something magical about music. It is not often you see 25 children ages 3-6 all doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time, unless of course, there’s a snack involved. But, when we are singing or reciting a poem, everyone is working together to hit the same pauses, the same inflections, the same pitch. Each child feels a sense of belonging and importance. Music connects and engages, providing endless benefits for social emotional development as well as academic skills.

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Elementary students at The Woods Academy work on their writing skills.

In the month of October, second grade studied the author Leo Lionni. We read Fish is Fish, Swimmy, Color of His Own, just to name a few. After reading Color of His Own, we used key sequential words such as, first, then, next, and finally to retell the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Students utilized a graphic organizer to identify the events and details in the story. We then created a flipbook based on the main character, the chameleon.

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Middle school students play Hoop Ball in PE at The Woods Academy in Bethesda.

Hoop Ball is a 13-step lead-up process before we play the actual game. The process starts by just throwing and catching, then adding movement, then a hula hoop, defense after that and then very small sided games. The game is the n finally introduced with two teams playing against each other, two balls and four hula-hoops.

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Middle school girls on a field trip with private school The Woods Academy.

Making connections is an essential part of school. When students feel connected to their peers and teachers, they are more motivated and perform better in school. In the Upper School, we focus on cultivating these relationships during advisory and class on a regular basis. Additionally, this year we were able to resume our overnights in Upper School classes. Their return has provided an opportunity for team building and bonding that has been missing during COVID.

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