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The Woods Academy Blog

Effective Homework Skills

At The Woods, we believe that homework is an effective learning tool. Homework can reinforce lessons introduced in class and allow students to gain mastery of materials and skills. Homework can also aid in the development of independent learning skills like time management and personal responsibility. In addition, homework gets parents and caregivers involved with their child’s school life. It creates a communication network between home and school.

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News from Campus

Get in the Groove!

After over a year of Zoom music classes, I am thrilled to have my upper school students back in-person! At last, we’re all in the same room making music together! Drum circles are the perfect way to jump back in.

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4th Grade Social Emotional Learning

At the end of the day each Friday, fourth graders spend time on Socioemotional Learning (SEL). Equally as important as multiplication, reading, and writing, SEL helps us learn to manage negative emotions, problem solve, and build relationships with each other. Many recent studies show that the inclusion of SEL in a curriculum actually increases students’ success in the other traditional subjects.

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