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12 Action Steps for Families to Take Before Returning to Campus
Mrs. Cavanaugh, School Nurse
  1. Practice Hand Hygiene. Teach children to sing in their head the ABCs or have them count for at least 20 seconds and wash the front, back, and in-between their fingers with soap and warm water. See fellow student Andrew (1) demonstrate how to wash hands at school in this post.
  2. Practice Putting a Mask On/Off. Your child will be required to wear a mask at all times during the school day. Teach them to remove the mask without touching the inside panel and practice lowering and raising it for meals. Learn more about how to safely wear a mask in this post from fellow students Oscar (5) and Henry (8). Explore how long your child can comfortably wear a mask and add time each day to build their tolerance.
  3. Practice Social Distancing. Spread your arms out wide and keep an “Owl wing” distance between you and your friends. Need help visualizing 6 feet? School Nurse Mrs. Cavanaugh and her family have some suggestions in this post. Notice the vinyl stickers with our Mighty Woods Owl that adhere to our floors.
    Help your child understand that they need to be one Owl sticker apart from the closest person to maintain a safe distance.
  4. Purchase and use a thermometer. Get in the habit of checking your child’s temperature every morning. We will abide by the CDC standard and use 100.4 or higher as our benchmark. Students must stay home until fever-free (without the use of Tylenol/Motrin). If they develop a fever at school, they will be required to remain out of school for 3 days. Students home for more than 3 days with a fever cannot return without a note from a practitioner.
  5. Purchase Extra Masks. Ideally, masks should be changed or washed daily. Consider making or buying multiple masks to give you the proper time to wash them between use. Plan to send your child to school with 2-3 masks each day in the event one becomes lost or dirty. These should be marked with your child’s name. Neck gaiters and masks with valves or vents do not meet safety requirements.
  6. Purchase A Reusable Water Bottle. Children will be instructed to refill these at the touchless water fountains on campus. Other water fountains will not be in service. Label the bottle with your child’s name.
  7. Update Immunizations/Physical. Contact your child’s pediatrician for an appointment. If your child has a health plan, talk to your child’s pediatrician for any updates to the plan. Students with health concerns such as asthma or immunosuppression are encouraged to discuss the condition with their practitioner and share the response plan with Mrs. Cavanaugh. In addition, make an appointment for a flu shot NOW.
  8. Verify/Update Emergency Contacts. If your child presents COVID-like symptoms, they will be placed in the Health Suite and will need to be picked up immediately. Please ensure a contact can be reached at any given time.
  9. Download the Magnus Mobile App. Each morning prior to 8:00 AM, parents will be expected to log into the Magnus Mobile app and complete the Home Health Screen for each child in the household. The app will ask for your child’s temperature and query any COVID-like symptoms that appear in your child or in your home. Students with positive responses will not be permitted into the school. Parents can learn more about the Home Health Screen in this post.
  10. Prepare for COVID testing. The Woods will conduct COVID-19 testing for all members of our student and faculty community. Capital Diagnostics will be on campus to conduct drive-through testing. Students will receive a 10-second nasal swab (as opposed to the more invasive and uncomfortable nasal-pharyngeal). Families should bring insurance cards. Insurance will be billed directly. Results will be shared with The Woods and with families. Find out more information about testing at The Woods here.
  11. Sign the Community Agreement. The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. Our ability to meet for in-person instruction is dependent on every member of the community doing their part to follow the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are requiring that each community member agrees to the terms listed in our agreement in order to be eligible to be on campus. We respect any family’s decision to not return for in-person instruction as well, in which case we will have a robust learning platform for those learning remotely. Find out how to review and sign The Woods Academy Community Agreement here.
  12. Stay Informed and Keep Calm. Educate yourself from reliable sources such as the CDC and the Maryland Department of Health. No plan will eliminate all risk, but as we move forward, we will be conscious of the best practices in health and safety strategies and protocols to reduce risk to the greatest extent possible.

We look forward to seeing our Mighty Owls back on campus soon!