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A Journey to Understand the World Around Us
Jodie Shoemaker

The study of the past provides many great elements to our lives today. How we connect the past to the present is an invaluable way to understand where we have come from - individually, as a family, and as a nation - and where we are going. That said, seventh grade explored some of the past over the summer, linking specific historical topics to current events, and explaining why it connects.

Here is one student example:

In chapter 1.1 in Discovery Education, it talked about how the area you live in can affect the jobs around you. For example, if you live in Idaho, known for farming, there will most likely not be a lot of deep-sea divers around you!

The Coronavirus has made many people lose their jobs and made others work from a completely different environment at home.

The history and current event connect because humans' jobs and lifestyles are always adapting to new things and places. Coronavirus has affected the environment in which we work in and where we live has affected what kind of jobs you see around us. 

From learning new history to developing critical thinking skills, students have started a journey to understand the world around us and our place in it.