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Mrs. Phelps & Ms Camalier, 2nd Grade Teachers

The second grade has been studying Gail Gibbons in language arts as well as animals from the Arctic and Antarctic in science. It just so happens that Gibbons has written books that pair nicely with our Arctic unit. We read Whales and Penguins by Gail Gibbons. We then brought science and language arts together and performed an experiment.

We began by asking “How do arctic animals survive in subfreezing temperatures?”

We learned that many animals have a special layer of fat called blubber. Their blubber is right under their skin. The blubber holds in their body heat so that they do not feel the cold.

We decided to do our own Blubber Glove experiment and see if the blubber protects from the cold.

First, we made a hypothesis - an educated guess. We thought our homemade blubber (Crisco) would protect us from the cold.

Next, we filled buckets with ice cold water and scooped Crisco into a Ziploc bag. We spread it all around the bag so that our hands had a big layer of fat around them.

We then dipped our hand with the blubber into the freezing bucket and we dipped our other hand into the bucket without any blubber around it.

Our conclusion was that the blubber does protect the part of the body that it is touching. It helps animals stay warm when it is cold out!

You can view more photos from this experiment in the Science Album under 2nd Grade on Vidigami.