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Brrr! Grade One Studies Arctic Animals
Mrs. Fogarty & Ms. Shegerian, 1st Grade Teachers

Our new year is off to a tremendous start. First Grade is beginning to learn about our northern neighbor, Canada! Part of our Canada study includes learning about Arctic animals, with special attention to the reindeer and the mighty polar bear.

Canada is home to approximately 60-80 percent of the world’s polar bear population.

The reindeer in Canada live in the Northwest Territories, not too far from the North Pole!

The students read nonfiction works about reindeer and polar bears. We created reindeer and polar bear art and talked about their habitats. First Grade enjoyed learning many interesting facts about these animals and what makes them unique. For example, reindeer hooves function like snowshoes to acclimate to their environment.

In addition to learning new facts, students wrote about what they learned and shared their work with their classmates. We have also displayed our marvelous work for everyone at The Woods to see.