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Distance Learning is More Than Just Screens
Mr. Briscoe, Associate Head of School

Our distance learning plan addresses the full range of children’s learning—academic, social-emotional, and physical—with meaningful, age-appropriate opportunities for learning, both on- and off-screen.

By now most of us have seen the familiar images of computer screens full of student and teacher faces thanks to video conferencing tools like Zoom. The on-screen aspect of distance learning seems to be getting all of the attention. What about what happens off-screen? Let's take a look.

Hands-On Science and Cooking are two of the curricular activities enjoyed by our 4-year-old students. Last week, Evie K combined the two and conducted her own kitchen experiment - Do chocolate chip cookies taste better cooked right away or after letting the dough set in the fridge for a few hours? Evie concluded they were both equally delicious.

At the beginning of March, Grade 1 students each planted a seed that sprouted into a plant. Fortunately, they were able to bring their plants home and have enjoyed observing them and recording the plants' growth each day just like a scientist.

Grade 2 has been busy reading African folktales like Anansi the Spider. After finishing this particular story, the students were tasked with creating a spider with materials they could find around the house. Look at how resourceful they were with this building task.


There is nothing more fun than celebrating the completion of a novel study. Just before spring break, our 4th-grade students finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. To celebrate last week, they all dressed like a character from the book for their morning meeting video conference.

Finally, Art Teacher Mrs. Taverner gave her older students a poetry and art challenge. She shared two paintings to inspire them, Heat Wave by Kadir Nelson and Young Woman at a Window by Salvador Dali. She asked the students to choose one and write a poem in any style about the piece of art. Here is an example of the assignment by Josie O. in Grade 8.

These are just a few of the ways our distance learning plan supports student growth and development off-screen. Want to know more? Follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter (School & Athletics) and search the hashtag #WoodsWorksOn to see our distance learning plan in action.