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Fairy Tales
Mrs. Phelps & Ms. Camalier, 2nd Grade Teachers

Second Grade has been studying multi-cultural Cinderella fairytales by reading the Egyptian Cinderella, Persian Cinderella, Korean Cinderella, Yeh-Shen, Anklet for a Princess, and many more.

We identified the difference between the good characters, mean characters, magic, the major event, the problem, and the solution. Students used graphic organizers and Venn-diagrams to identify these story elements. Studies show that educators who implement the above keywords in comprehension activities have a higher outcome of students recalling specific details from a story.

As we continued our literature study, Second Grade created their own fairytale story by using fairytale story elements similar to the Cinderella theme. Students were given the freedom to create their own characters, magic, major event, problem, and solution.

We began the writing process by providing students with a planning sheet to list all their ideas for each element.

Students then drafted the story, revised it with the teacher, and then typed the final draft on GoogleDocs.

In the final step, students printed and illustrated their books. Each student will have his or her own "published" book!