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Grace Notes
Mrs. Pabon, Music Teacher

In 4th grade, my parents signed me up for band. I had tried - and quit - a whole host of other activities during my elementary school days - soccer, tennis, swimming, ice-skating, tumbling, ballet. Nothing seemed to stick.  Quite frankly, I remember feeling that I just wasn’t good enough at any of them. “Try just one more thing,” my mom said. So I started flute.  After a few months, I was ready to quit that too.  But Mom signed me up for private lessons.  My new instructor, Ms. Christine Beutner, turned out to be part teacher, part  cheerleader.  My flute drooped in my hands and I made just a wisp of a sound.  “Just blow - EMOTE!”  she would say. “Try again - you can do it!” I studied flute with her for eight years.  She even became my Confirmation sponsor in 8th grade. We lived in Dallas.  When Christine moved to Denton, my mom drove me an hour each way so I could keep studying with her. I went on to study flute in college and grad school and became a professional flutist. 

But you don’t have to become a professional musician to reap the life-long benefits of studying an instrument. Mrs. Cornelia Florescu, the strings and piano teacher for our Woods Academy after-school program, says, 

“It’s well known that learning how to play a musical instrument has long-lasting benefits.  It teaches patience, creates responsibility, improves reading and math skills, boosts self-esteem, enhances coordination, encourages self-expression, increases memory capacity, aids social skills and expresses new cultures.  The sound is the way the feelings look, and making music helps you go through life with grace and respect.”

Joey (Grade 7)  and Greta (Grade 4) Sun study the violin and cello with Mrs. Florescu.

Greta says, "My mom and dad are really smart but they can't read music or play an instrument. I can do both and that makes me proud!"

"Cello is the perfect instrument, it has a dark, deep, rich tone that you can feel all the way to your toes," states Joey.

Do you play?  Piano? Guitar? Ukulele? Flute? Violin? Cello?  We want to hear you!  Here is a list of our performances planned so far.  Mark your calendar and start practicing!  

Virtual Christmas Instrumental Showcase
Video Due Date: December 11
Performance Date: December 17

Virtual Instrumental Music Showcase
Video Due Date: March 19
Performance Date: March 26

Virtual Arts Gallery Music Performances
Video Due Date: May 14
Performance Date: May 20

Your music will bring smiles to our Woods community, and you’ll make your small corner of the world a little bit brighter!