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Grade 1 Appreciates Plants
Mrs. Fogarty & Mrs. Woods, 1st Grade Teachers

Just before we moved to distance learning, our first-grade classes were lucky enough to begin a new life science unit all about plants and how they grow.

Each student was given a pumpkin, bean, pea, or sunflower seed to plant. We noticed many differences among the seeds. We kept a science journal to record our observations as well as things that we would like to find out more about. It was exciting to track the growth of our individual plants at school and at home.

Additionally, students learned the parts and basic functions of a plant. These include seeds, roots, stems, leaves, fruits, and flowers. We have demonstrated this by reading non-fiction books about plants, labeling the parts of a plant and matching the parts of the plant.


First grade is excited to welcome spring with a greater understanding of plants and their role in our everyday life!