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Happy Pi Day!
Mr. Paoletti, 7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher

Students in grades seven and eight took a break from the norm to celebrate Pi Day. In groups, students played Pi Day Jeopardy and tried to score points based on their knowledge of Pi.

Some questions were fun, some were informative, and there were even some Pi Day Puns for the students to grapple with during the activity. Each student was awarded an oatmeal cream pie for their participation and came away with more knowledge about this mathematical holiday.

See how you would’ve done with Pi Day Trivia by trying to answer these questions:

-This is what you call a mathematician that takes over a ship.

-This is what a mathematician needs to fly a plane.

-This is a mathematician’s favorite dessert.  (Two-word answer)

-What do you get when you divide a Jack-O-Lantern by its diameter?

-What type of number cannot be expressed as a fraction of two integers?

-How many pastry chefs does it take to make a pie?

-Pi is celebrated on March 14th. What is the official time to start celebrating Pi?


You can check out more photos of Pi Day fun in the Math Album under 7th or 8th Grade on Vidigami.