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In 10 Years...
Class of 2021

Just before graduation, we asked the Class of 2021 what they thought they would remember the most about The Woods ten years from now. Overwhelmingly, they responded that they would remember their friends. Whether they spent just a few years or 11 years at The Woods, the students made the best of friends while at school together.

There are, however, some other more poignant memories for the graduates.

"I think I will most remember how kind and understanding all of the teachers were and how much I learned from them and how they helped shape the person who I am today." - Andrew P.


"I think I will remember the sense of community that I felt in the school. The teachers always said hi to you in the hallways and you always stopped to talk to somebody you knew. I love this about The Woods" - Alexandra H.


"Ten Years from now I will remember the Quebec Trip we went on in 7th Grade. I remember going to the Winter Carnival, the Snow Park, and dog sledding. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. " - Connor M-J.