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The Woods Academy

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Instruments, Movement, & Vocal Exploration
Mrs. Pabon, Music Teacher

Teaching early childhood music on Zoom is quite unlike anything I’ve ever done before.  

What has surprised me the most is the joy I see through the screen.  Despite all of our limitations -  masks, no singing allowed, physical distance - the students participate with unfettered delight.  Take a look at the different ways we explore music!


We love using the instruments in our music kits, including rhythms sticks  . . .

and also glockenspiels - one of our favorite instruments!




There’s a lot we can do in our assigned spots on the carpet!  We dance, jump, pantomime, jog, jiggle and wiggle!



Owls, Horses, Cows, Mice, Cats, Ghosts, Giants, Robots . . . so many ways to use our voices!  Puppets help us get into character!



Lunchers explore and identify musical opposites that set the foundation for music literacy in the years ahead. This fall we learned Fast & Slow and Loud & Soft.


This week we used voice and instrument games along with The Three Little Pigs story to identify High & Low.

To our fabulous Montessori teachers - I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for all you do to make sure everyone can see, hear, play, and have fun during music!

To our wonderful students - Your joyful participation makes Montessori Music one of the best parts of my week!

One day, we’ll all be back together again in the music room. Until then, I’ll see you on Zoom!