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Interior Freedom
Mr. R. Bednar, Director of Religion

Our seventh graders have been reading and discussing the book, Interior Freedom by Father Jacques Philippe. Our most recent assignment took the following passage out of the book for the students to write their own interpretations of:

"Rather than wasting time and energy blaming others for what isn't working out, or reproaching them for what we think they are depriving us of, we should strive to acquire spiritual autonomy by deepening our relationship with God, the one unfailing source of all good, and growing in faith, hope, and disinterested love. That others are sinners cannot prevent us from becoming saints. Nobody really deprives us of anything. At the end of our lives, when we come face to face with God, it would be childish to blame others for our lack of spiritual progress."

Students' responses were uplifting and very insightful. 

"To me, this quote means that no one can take away the one thing that keeps us going through all the ups and downs in life, which is our faith in God." - Ana Paula C

"Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves." - Claire H

"I have learned a lot about myself over the past 6 months; things don't always come easy, but if you work hard, keep strong, and believe in God, things will get better." - Zackary R