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It’s Chemistry!
Mrs. Gerber, Former Director of Montessori

It was science Thursday on February 28 and loud, excited voices (and a few shrieks) could be heard coming from the Montessori Preschool hall!

The Kindergarteners were exploring chemistry using vinegar (acetic acid) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Acid + base = chemical reaction. They carefully measured and poured the baking soda into balloons using funnels. Next, they attached their balloons to the tops of glass bottles containing vinegar.

Once the balloons were snuggly fit, they allowed the baking soda to fall into the vinegar. The reaction was immediate—first fizz, then the balloons began to inflate fast! The carbon dioxide gas released in the chemical reaction needed space to expand beyond the bottle!

The Kindergarteners tried using the solid (baking soda) and a liquid (vinegar) to make a gas again.

This time they made baking soda packets which they dropped into baggies filled with a warm water + vinegar solution.

Again there was fizzing, but then slowly the baggie puffed up until… Pop! Pop!

Carbon dioxide gas needed so much space it popped open the baggies! Messy, fun, and amazing science!