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The Woods Academy

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Just One Word
Class of 2020

"Welcoming because when I first came to Woods, as a shadow student in third grade, I was welcomed by all the teachers and students. I felt like I already belonged with The Woods community the second someone said “welcome to The Woods."

- Evie O.


"Community because no matter what grade, ethnicity, or religion you are, The Woods still welcomes you with open arms and considers you a part of the community. Everyone treats each other like normal human beings."

- Milan N.


"Family. I think everyone at The Woods knows each other and supports each other."

- Walker C.


Just before graduation, we asked the Class of 2020 if the could use just one word to describe The Woods, what would it be? Some of the most popular responses were welcoming, community, and family.

Here is what the entire class had to say: