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Let's Play!
Sra. Bados, Spanish Teacher

Tablets, apps, and laptops have created many opportunities for the classroom kids to have fun, I get that!

However, there is something to be said for having the students play classroom games that do not require technology.

It is a good lesson to win and lose a board game or cards from time to time. I enjoy seeing my students develop their sense of cooperation, leadership, sharing, responding to ideas, and resolving conflicts.

Let the games begin!


In the photos above, the 6th and 8th-grade students are playing a game similar to "UNO" but instead of colors and numbers, they use verbs! With the verb cards, they can practice verb conjugations and definitions. The deck of cards has different verbal tenses targeted at different levels. The student who gets rid of the cards first is the winner!

In this photo, 6th graders are practicing the prepositions of place on a board that represents an island. Reading the cards using the target language, the students find clues to find pirates located in different parts of the island and collect coins. Whoever collects the most coins wins the game!

The 5th graders are playing in teams of two challenging each other to call the opposite adjective. The team that finishes first, wins the round!
This activity was intended to build vocabulary.