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Making Connections
Mrs. Mullally, 5th & 6th Grade Science Teacher

Making connections with students is essential to teaching. The first several weeks of school are an opportunity to learn about your students, establish routines, and find ways to personally connect with each child. It is less about content and more about establishing a bond so that students know you care about them.

“Just Like Me” during Meet and Greet

*Learning about each other and making connections from a safe distance

Making these connections in a virtual classroom is just as important, if not more important.  Here are some of the creative ways I have started to form these bonds with my advisory and my science classes during the first week of school.

Getting to Know You Slides in Advisory

*Commenting on each other’s slides to find common interests and experiences


Collaborative Jamboard in Science Class

*Identifying what type of classroom, whether virtual or in person, we want to have this year



Pictures and Videos

*Using pictures and videos to share our experiences when we can’t be together

Interactive Science Notebook

*Sharing ideas and opinions in Google Slides then receiving teacher comments to create a “discussion” during asynchronous classes

One-on-One Check-Ins
*Reaching out with students one-on-one to see how they are doing, talk about their transition back to school, check on work, and discuss our upcoming units