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Mighty Owls Investigate the Barnyard Owl
Mrs. Phelps & Ms. Camalier, 2nd Grade Teachers

In science, the second grade has been studying the barnyard owl. We learned about their diet and how they regurgitate an owl pellet. The students dissected an owl pellet and identified the owl pellet’s contents by identifying different bones.

We determined the diet of our barnyard owl by identifying which bones were inside of our pellets. Barnyard owls eat mice, shrews, birds, and voles. The students played the role of a scientist by dissecting the pellet and identifying the predators’ bones inside of the pellets. We wrote a hypothesis about what we might find during the dissection.  And, we summarized our work by writing a lab report.

Be sure to check out more photos of our work in the Owl Pellet Dissection Album under 2nd Grade on Vidigami.