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Nos amis du Lycée Rochambeau
Mme. Jibladze, French Teacher

Our Friends from the Lycée Rochambeau

We have continued our cherished partnership with the Lycée Rochambeau throughout Distance and Hybrid learning, and it’s been as fun and educational as ever! The program we started a few years ago helps French citizens who teach at Rochambeau to fulfill their visa requirements through community involvement while bringing interesting guest speakers to Woods French classes.

The Rochambeau teachers come to share their expertise, diverse experiences, and love of their native culture and language. The teachers come from all levels, preschool through high school, and all content backgrounds, including cinema, physical education, history, and math. I work with them to develop a lesson for the day, which either focuses on particular structures and themes we’ve studied in class or on an interesting cultural topic.

We always enjoy their visits and are so happy to have been able to continue them on zoom. Recently, our visitors have taught Woods French students more about Christmas and la Saint-Nicolas in France, as well as French regional sports like la pétanque. We look forward to many more visits and unique learning experiences in the future!