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The Woods Academy

Where curiosity and confidence thrive.
One Word for The Woods
Class of 2021

"Welcoming because fitting in is easy and the moment you step through the doors people welcome you as one of their own. I already made some friends in the first couple of days of 3rd grade. I was confused why it felt so normal because when I joined my old school I barely spoke English and it took me months to fit in. At The Woods, it only took me a couple of days."

- Luka R.


"Community. I have never been at a school where the relationships between all of the students and teachers are so prominent. I love how the teachers (and many students) go out of their way to help you and everyone genuinely cares about you. When I first came here from my old school I was expecting it to be hard to fit in, however, The Woods' community was so welcoming that it was hard not to interact and socialize with other people. (Even though I'm an introvert!)"

- Ananeah N.


"Family. Everyone at The Woods is part of an amazing family filled with spirit and kindness. "

- Izzy F.


Just before graduation, we asked the Class of 2021 if they could use just one word to describe The Woods, what would it be? Some of the most popular responses were welcoming, community, and family.

Here is what the entire class had to say: