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Preparing Our Students to Be Digital Citizens
Mrs. Mullally, 5th & 6th Grade Science Teacher

As students are spending more time online, it is essential that teachers foster positive digital citizenship and support students on their learning journeys in new ways. We need to “encourage student voice, empower students as members of the community, model meaningful dialogue, and allow students to reflect upon the roles they play in our global society.” pg. 105 of Digital Citizenship in Action by Kristen Mattson.

The fifth-grade class has been exploring what it means to be a good digital citizen. We have utilized resources from Common Sense Education, Minecraft, and Kristen Mattson’s book, Digital Citizenship in Action, to guide our lessons and discussions.

How to Encourage Student Voice?

A digital learning community is a space where many voices are invited to contribute, collaborate, and think critically together. There are many platforms from Google Classroom pages and Jamboards to Minecraft worlds where students are given the opportunity to share their voices and work together in a digital environment.


Student ideas about what makes a responsible digital citizen

How to Empower Students as Members of the Community?

A digital citizen is someone who is respectful, empathetic, and willing to contribute to the world around them in a meaningful way.

Minecraft activity about sharing information online


Student responses to a lesson on cyberbullying

How to Model Meaningful Dialogue?

All digital citizens can contribute to and consume from digital spaces. With the guidance and support of adults, students can be provided genuine opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue with others.

Student responses to digital space consumption by looking for their media balance


Students and teachers contributing to a digital exchange on Google Classroom