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Same on the Inside
Mr. Canales, World Language Teacher

Earlier this year, we received a visit from Ms. (Mademoiselle)  Laurence Laurent who works as a Kindergarten French Teacher at Elsie Whitlow Stokes, a Bilingual  Public Charter School in Washington DC. She is originally from Haiti and a local author who specializes in writing bilingual children's books. She offered a virtual reading of her picture book Same on the Inside/Du Pareil Au Même for the French classes in Montessori, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 4th grade. The reading activity was followed by a Q & A where the students could participate and learn more from the story.


Her book Same on the Inside/Du Pareil Au Même is a bilingual book about diversity and inclusion, which is already available on Kindle. (More details below.) The book narrates the story of a little kid who is struggling with how we can all be the same on the inside if we are all different on the outside - different skin colors, freckles, etc. Through praying to God, advice from the child's mom, and observing classmates, the child learns "Nous sommes tous pareils à l'intérieur" (We are all the same on the inside).

In the end, the students were able to learn a big lesson on the topic of diversity and inclusion. 

As a follow-up or next-day activity, 4th-grade students wrote thank you letters in French in order to practice their language skills and to finalize the activity with Ms. Laurent. Montessori, 1st grade, and 2nd grade used their imagination to draw the main character of the book.

Book Information:

Same on the Inside: Du pareil au même

by  Laurence Laurent 

Available on Amazon