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Seed Necklace
Mrs. Fogarty & Ms. Shegerian, 1st Grade Teachers

In science, first-grade students have been learning about seeds and the stages and development of plant growth. Students learned that plants need sunlight, water, soil, space, and oxygen to grow. Most importantly, students learned that seeds need time to sprout and grow. All students participated in making a seed necklace.

Students placed a moistened cotton ball and 2 broccoli seeds into a jewelry bag. Students then threaded a string through the holes of the jewelry bag and tied the ends making a necklace for them to wear and display.

Students learned the seeds would take 3-5 days to germinate. Students were able to then write the steps in making their seed necklace.

Students loved being able to express what they have learned by making their own seed necklaces. They are very excited for them to sprout and grow.