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Students Aren't the Only Ones Learning New Things
Jodie Shoemaker

As a teacher, I recognize that students are constantly learning and adjusting to this different way of doing school. It is definitely a new challenge and I have found that I really had to rethink my teaching strategies in this online world. During the Spring, I could see how much I was learning myself as I tried new programs, figured out how to create videos, and worked to develop interactive lessons.

Over the summer, I saw the value of interactive Google slides. In my 5th and 6th grade classes, I decided to try to use them in different ways. 

In 5th grade, students worked in groups to find objects that represented different powers of ten. In the Google slide presentation, each group was assigned a different slide and I was impressed with the conversation and thought process around this topic. They started with the height of one group member and then looked for objects ten times bigger and ten times smaller than this height.


In 6th Grade, I used the google slides to have the students create decimal word problems about their summer. It was easy to add comments and questions and then they had to answer three of their classmates' questions as a quick assessment.


Although this situation is not ideal, I love finding new ways to help the students connect with each other, with me, and with the content. I think that when our students see the teachers learning and trying new things, they are more willing to take risks themselves.