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The BE Project
Ms. Vassos & Ms. Chapman, 3rd Grade Teachers

Psychologist Carol Dweck has defined growth mindset as “people believing that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point.” Now, it is important that every person live his or her life with a growth mindset, but that is something that can be especially difficult for young learners. Children can often become upset or embarrassed when responding incorrectly to a question or completing an activity in the wrong way.

This year, in the 3rd grade we will be celebrating our mistakes because mistakes help us to learn. Mistakes are seen as a positive and as something that we can grow from. Having a growth mindset allows students to see that their abilities are endless.

We challenged students to be a part of “The BE Project." This is a project that is being done in classrooms all over America. Students are given a list of character traits. They then decide all of the ones that they want to BE this year. They can choose as many as they would like because they have the mindset that they are able to BE anything! This activity allows students to see the positives in themselves and to set goals. It challenges them to think about the future and how they can achieve all of the many things that they want to BE.

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