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The Pillars of Friendship
Ms. Dosh & Ms. Vassos, 3rd Grade Teachers

The third graders have spent some time focusing, reflecting, and learning all about why friendships at The Woods Academy are so special. Along with the guidance office, the 3rd graders discussed what friendship really means to them.

They talked about the importance of kindness and always including others. They discussed how to create new friendships and why we have to advocate for others by never being a bystander. This then led us to the pillars of friendship that The Woods Academy students learn about and live by.

Students were divided into groups and each group focused on a different pillar or aspect of a pillar. For example, the empathy group defined empathy as “showing that you care about others."

Another group talked about why we have to have patience. They created their poster based on different times in life when patience is important, such as when you are waiting for your food at a restaurant or when you have to wait until it is time for recess.

The flexibility group created their poster by putting various times during the school day when you have to be flexible. They stated that “flexibility is especially important to have during recess, but you can learn new games if you are flexible."

The 3rd-grade students presented their posters in front of the rest of the lower school at Chapel. They were tasked with explaining their poster and telling why their pillar of friendship is an important part of The Woods Academy. By learning about the pillars of friendship, the 3rd graders will be able to really see their friendships grow.

You can see more photos from this activity in the Pillars of Friendship album under 3rd Grade on Vidigami.