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Think Outside the Box Thursday
Ms. Talbot, Ms. Clark, & Ms. O'Keeffe, 4th Grade Teachers

Math Monday, Tell Me About It Tuesday, Write About It Wednesday, and Think Outside the Box Thursday…

Routines are an important part of every classroom. In this current mode of our mixture of in-person and virtual instruction, routines can be even more difficult to establish. In fourth grade, we have managed to create a morning routine so that students know exactly what to expect during the first period.

A particularly fun routine is Think Outside the Box Thursday. Sometimes, the Thursday activity involves drawing. We have provided students with a part of a drawing and their job has been to complete the drawing. It’s been amazing to see the creations that have come out of the students!




Another Thursday, students were instructed to use ten index cards to build the tallest tower possible. It was great to witness their engineering skills at work!


Check out a few of our photos on Vidigami to see more of our routines at work!