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Building Confidence in Montessori

Ms. Michele Carpenter, Co-Director of Montessori and Montessori II Teacher

The Montessori classroom helps develop and nurture a child's confidence through a variety of activities and lessons. Once the child leaves the classroom, teachers often see their initially shy student become class president! 


As a child, you hear no a lot. You can’t do that, you’re too little, maybe when you are older. In our Montessori Program, we want the child to know he can.

From the first day they walk up to say good morning, no matter how shy or unsure the little ones start out, we see confidence develop. Our goal from the very first day of school is to develop and nurture this confidence.

In Practical Life, we give lessons on zipping up coats, polishing, and washing so they feel confident in their abilities to do daily tasks without having to ask an adult for help. We encourage the children to choose their own work, reminding them of all the things they know how to do in the classroom independently. This knowledge of being able to direct and choose their own work continues to foster this confidence.

The kids know they are capable and in control of their learning. We demonstrate responsibility in taking care of their own belongings as well as the classroom materials. The underlying message is simple, this is your classroom and your things and we trust you to take care of them.

As the child progresses through the three years, we continue to build and develop this confidence. From something as small as opening an applesauce to trying a challenging new work, we encourage our kids to ‘give it a go.’ We want them to feel confident and secure enough to take risks in their environment, knowing that it is okay to make mistakes.

We support problem solving- with a work, or with a problem with their friends. Instead of offering a solution right away, we ask “what can we do?” or “how do you think we could solve the problem?” Through these questions the child understands: we see you, we know what you are capable of, and you can do this.

As they become Lunchers, we see this confidence shine. They are the leaders of the classroom, giving lessons and helping little friends. They solidify their knowledge by demonstrating what they have learned to others, gaining confidence as they get to act as the teacher in these lessons. The confidence developed in our classroom serves them throughout their schooling, they know they can and have the means and tools to problem solve when something is not going as planned.

Through these three years with us, they develop the confidence to try new things and take risks. Years later, we see that shy three year old who did not want to come and say good morning, running for class president.