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If I Were a Bunny

Ms. Danielle Shegerian, 1st Grade Teacher

When we think of April, we think of Easter and of course rabbits. Our first-grade students had an exciting time learning about rabbits. We read non-fiction books and articles about rabbits and saw photos of real rabbits.  We learned many interesting facts about rabbits. Some facts we learned were that not all rabbits have short hair, and some have long hair. We also learned that rabbits love to eat vegetables, hay, and rabbit pellets.  A really interesting fact about rabbits is rabbits do binkies when they are happy.

First-grade students participated in many different rabbit activities. One fun activity was “If I Were a Bunny.” Here, students created their own bunny faces and wrote about what they would do if they were a bunny.  Many students wrote about what foods they would eat such as carrots, lettuce, and chocolate caramel bunnies.  Students also included their daytime activities such as playing tag with their siblings and hopping around. While many students said they would live in burrows, some students wrote they would like to be a pet rabbit. Our students had a great time using their imaginations for this activity.