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Student Leaders Giving Back

Lilly H., Class of 2022

The 8th grade leadership team at The Woods Academy has worked together to donate over 1,000 items of food to SOME this holiday season. 

Last year, the Class of 2021 formed a small committee called the 8th Grade Leadership Group. This year, this group has been formalized and almost half of the 8th grade has joined, and our first big initiative of the school year has been a huge success!


During the month of November, we organized a food drive to donate food to the organization So Others Might Eat (SOME). We have raised food throughout November to make sure that the less fortunate can have food to eat during the holidays.


We asked two of the members who helped choose this charity some questions about their experience with SOME.


Why did you choose SOME for The Woods Academy to donate to and how did you learn about SOME?


We chose SOME because it was a nearby food drive and because of their mission statement. They are trying to break the cycle of poverty in the D.C. area. We looked at their website and it offered a list of items that would be the most useful, making it easy to organize the drive.” -Quentin T.


How has the leadership group affected you and your growth at the Woods?


The leadership group at the Woods Academy has helped me grow as a leader in two ways. Firstly, it has shown me that humility is paramount when leading. By doing small tasks around the school it has helped observe that humility and leading by example is the best form of leading. Secondly, it has shown that being a leader at this school can affect the lives of others. For example, the leadership group has helped organize the food drive and help so many people in DC.” -Mason G.


We raised over 1,000 cans of food for the less fortunate this holiday season, and we look forward to doing more for our school and community!