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The Woods Academy

Where curiosity and confidence thrive.

Profile of a Graduate

The Woods Academy is an inclusive Catholic community preparing boys and girls to lead lives of significance.

Graduates of The Woods Academy are:

Open to growth,
Willing to live their faith,
Leaders in their community,
Striving for a just and joyous life.

  Woods Graduates by the Numbers



of Woods graduates have received at least one award or recognition in HS

at least 1/3

of Woods graduates hold one or more leadership roles in HS


of Woods graduates participate in HS athletics


of Woods graduates take multiple honors and/ or AP courses throughout HS

at least 1/3

of Woods graduates are recognized for their committment to community service


of Woods graduates attend an Ivy League University, compared to nationwide average of 0.5%


of Woods graduates place in the top 10% nationally on the High School Placement Test (HSPT)


of Woods graduates are Lifers, started in Montessori


of Woods Graduates return to campus to say THANK YOU to their teachers

We are grateful for the support that The Woods community provided after graduation. By attending The Woods Academy, we all realized the enormous benefits of attending a smaller school (which influenced where our son wanted to attend college). The Woods Academy also provided the foundation that has led to more incredible things. We would have never imagined that he would have been selected for numerous collegiate merit scholarships, served in national and statewide leadership roles, received state and national service awards, and secured three competitive Computer Science internships.

Parents of a Class of 2018 Graduate


Beyond The Woods

High School Acceptances

The Woods prepares all students for the intellectual and social challenges at public, independent, and Catholic high schools. The Class of 2022 celebrates acceptances to 15 different high schools and was awarded over $200,000 in merit based scholarships. 100% of the Class of 2022 was accepted to their top choice high school.


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High School Placement

The Woods is proud of its almost 100% overall acceptance rate to students’ first-choice schools. Each year, high school teachers and administrators share how Woods graduates succeed at their schools, participate in a variety of activities, and add to the communities they join.

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Alumni Voices

Our alumni remain highly connected, with each other as well as with our faculty and staff. We love to share stories about how they are leading lives of significance.

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