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The Woods Academy

Where curiosity and confidence thrive.

Class of 2022

To the Class of 2022, we are so proud of you. In all, you are O W L S. You are Open to Growth. Willing to Live your Faith. Leaders in your Community. And, you Strive to Live a Just and Joyous Life. These are the pillars we have placed on a tremendous foundation that you have laid with the help of your teachers and families. These are the pillars on which you will build your lives. Go forth and lead lives of significance. We will watch in awe. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!


This year's graduating class will attend the following schools:

  • Connelly School of the Holy Child
  • Georgetown Preparatory School
  • Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School
  • Gonzaga College High School
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal School 
  • St. Anslem's Abbey School
  • St. John's College High School
  • The Academy of the Holy Cross 
  • The Potomac School
  • The School Without Walls 

About Our Graduates

Liam S. is a Lifer at The Woods who blossomed during his time here. A young man who has matured in all facets of the word. A dedicated student, a fine athlete, and a great friend, Liam loves a good sports conversation and has the drive to go further. Your commitment to the HS process was admirable, Liam. You showed us all you were ready for the next phase and I know you will take it by storm. What I will also remember is that same as what you hope all you remember you by, a student who gave his bets and made those around him better. Thank you for all you gave to The Woods, Liam. I am excited for your next chapter. Next year, Liam will attend Our Lady of Good Counsel High School as a Merit Scholar.

Malcolm E. is a man of a few words and lots of action. A major contributor on our robotics team, Malcolm is a leader. There is nothing he can’t tinker with and make work. He has a gift when it comes to engineering and will no doubt advance those gifts in the years ahead. A great golfer and teammate in all sports, Malcolm has led with a strong character and actions that prove he is a young man who is committed to his success. A great friend to many, Malcolm is also an accomplished student who excelled in the classroom. Malcolm, you took advantage of all that The Woods had to offer and positively impacted those around you. Thank you for all that you gave to The Woods and the fun you had along the way. Next year, Malcolm will attend Our Lady of Good Counsel as a STEM Scholar.

Christian R. may not be a man of many words, but he has much to say with his actions and deeds. A Lifer at The Woods, we have watched as Christian has performed admirably in the classroom and with robotics and chess. Always one with a smile and an eye towards helping others, Christian shined during his many years at Woods. In the classroom, Christian starred with engineering and that might be a sign. Regardless, this young man has the talent to do whatever he wants and the character to take him to the highest places. Christian proved that you don’t have to say much to leave your mark. Impressive, Christian! Next year, Christian will attend St. John’s College High School.

Zack R. is a lifer at The Woods with a big heart and as a great friend to many. Zack, not only did you try and make everyone laugh, you were always there for your friends, too. Zack was active in all our sports during his upper school years and worked hard to shine in the classroom. Zack, in your reflection described the Woods as "Human." I love that. It is both deep and refreshing at the same time. The essence of The Woods is about the people and the human impact they have on all. Thank you for being such an important part of that. Next year, Zack will attend Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Caden C. is a runner and he has a motor than can go all day. A dedicated and invested student, Caden is a young man who understands the importance of speaking up and doing so respectfully. Caden, your calm and collected demeanor, combined with your drive for success were on display regularly at The Woods. An accomplished track athlete, you know what it takes to excel at your craft and the time commitment needed to be successful. You showed us that in the classroom and out. You have worked hard for your success and that will serve you very well in the years ahead. Next year, Caden will attend Georgetown Preparatory School.

Jason O. is a gentleman and a scholar. A RISE Scholar at that. Jason took a deep dive into better understanding the world of cryptocurrency and how he can educate others as part of his RISE Scholar research and writing. Well done, Jason. A talented athlete as well, Jason seemingly played every sport there is at The Woods and contributed. Jason is a leader and someone who always looks to make those around him better. A true contributor in every sense of the word. Yes, Jason, we will remember you as one of the fastest students at The Woods, but we will also remember you for your character and positive attitude as well. Next year, Jason will attend Georgetown Preparatory School.

Claire H. is as kind as the day is long. A talented soccer player and a dedicated student, Claire dove into The Woods in seventh grade and made her class even better. Always one with a smile on her face and a willingness to pitch in and help, Claire’s presence was felt every day. You are no doubt a good friend to everyone you met here at The Woods and we are so glad you joined up. Coming in new is never easy, but you showed us all how to do it and make an impact. Thank you for being you, Claire, and adding so much to your class. Next year, Claire will attend St. John’s College High School.

Lilly H. has been an awesome addition to the Class of 2022. Jumping in to 7th grade like she had been at The Woods all along, Lilly made her presence felt with a warm smile, contributions on the athletic fields and hard work in the classroom. Outgoing and a great friend to many, Lilly was well known by her classmates. She was a friend to all and shared her wisdom in her 8th grade reflection, “don’t stress about everything, it will all work out.” I love the advice, Lilly. It is so true. You did not stress out at all. You met the challenges and rose to the occasion. We will miss you next year for sure. Next year, Lily will attend Connelly School of the Holy Child. 

Peter C. is a Lifer at The Woods, whose creativity and character have shined brightly. A RISE Scholar, Pete conducted research on middle school mental health during and after the pandemic. Pete did this so he could share his findings and be there to help others. Pete, that is who you are, someone who cares deeply for those around him and wants to help. Not to mention the fact that you have a great Russian accent! Pete was involved with sports, robotics, chess, and art club. A man of many talents, Pete, I will miss you at The Woods. I have fond memories of our discussing the building of a small house in the main hallway back in 4th grade. Keep being you. Keep giving yourself to others and exploring the world around you with great curiosity. Next year, Pete will attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.

Brandon J. is a great athlete, a hard working student, and a respectful young man. Brandon, from the first day you arrived at The Woods, you were committed to your success in the classroom and in the sports arena. You leave The Woods with many memories and great friendship. You shared how grateful you are for teachers like Mr. Bednar who served as a mentor. Brandon, I no doubt, seeing you being in that role as a mentor one day. In many ways you are already there. Keep making great memories with your friends. Next year, Brandon will attend Gonzaga College High School.

Rafael M. is a man on a mission. A mission to excel in the classroom, on the basketball court, and as a RISE Scholar. Rafael took on the topic of climate change with his RISE Scholar research and writing. I look forward to seeing the impact his work will make. You worked just as hard in the classroom as you did on the basketball court. Always one to seek ways to get even better, Rafael put his all into his work and succeeded. Your competitive spirit, hard work, and your strong work ethic is what your teachers will remember most about you, Raf. I would whole heartedly agree and only add that you have just touched the surface of what you can do. Keep those same qualities front and center as you move forward in the years ahead. They are qualities that are at your core and will only help take you to even greater heights. Next year, Rafael will attend Georgetown Preparatory School.

Sami F. is a supremely talented student who has excelled in the classroom and on the softball field. Quietly confident, Sami teachers remarked at her ability to pay attention to detail. As your teacher in fifth grade, Sami, I would agree. It was your idea in Business School class that led us to join a sponsorship group at Washington Jesuit Academy with other Woods families. You know your why and applied it there in a big way. Your commitment to leading and service is beyond admirable. You will know doubt take these experience with you in the years ahead and only amplify your impact. Next year, Sami will attend Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School as a St. Jane DeChantal Scholar.

Ana Paula C. is a star. We all saw it on display as Fiona in Shrek. There isn’t anything that Ana Paula didn’t do at The Woods. Even more impressive is how you did it all. You are one of the kindest students I know and your desire to help in any situation is impressive. You have whole heartedly fulfilled the profile of a graduate of The Woods Academy. As your teachers remarked, Ana Paula is deeply caring and with a heart of gold. She is equal parts tenacity and dedication. You will surely go far, Ana Paula. I can’t wait to watch in awe and say “I knew her way back when…” Next year, Ana Paula will attend The Academy of the Holy Cross as a Scholar.

Mason G. is impressive. An accomplished sailor, a tinkerer, a RISE Scholar, a robotics team leader, a leader, and the list goes on and on. Mason, you have excelled in all that you do and have matched it with impeccable character and integrity. You have represented your peers incredibly well as The Liza Mataac Dobson Memorial Scholarship recipient. Your teachers are in awe of you. As your mentor for your RISE Scholars research project on obsolescence, I am the one who was being taught by you. You hold yourself to a very high standard and we should all aspire to be like you on day. Congratulations on completing this chapter. You will only soar to new heights. Next year, Mason will attend Our Lady of Good Counsel as a STEM and Honors Scholar.

Amanda G. is an artist and achiever, and an all-around positive presence. A diligent student, Amanda brought her bright smile to class and school each and every day. A great friend to many, Amanda had nothing but a positive presence and leaves The Woods a better place because you were you. Dancers are graceful and know how to perform. Amanda applied those same aspects to all she did at The Woods. A graceful performer who works hard to achieve what she wants. Amanda, keep those ways about you. Your star will only shine brighter in the years ahead and I can’t wait to see you on stage again one day. Next year, Amanda will attend The School Without Walls.


Jaden D. is a star. A bright and shining star, and will no doubt continue to shine on the stage and in the classroom. Jaden, you are a leader as well. Seeing you on the stage in Shrek, you not only shined bright in your performance, but you also gave everyone around you confidence. Simply put, you put others at ease and made those around you better. You lead by example and do so with extreme positivity. I will be following your Broadway and acting career intently in the years ahead. Your name is already in lights in my book. Next year, Jaden will attend Our Lady of Good Counsel High School.

Joey S. is much like the name he holds, a bright light to many. A great friend to man, Joey starred in sports and as a leader. Stepped up is a word your teachers and coaches used to describe you, Joey. That is a word used for leaders who know when it is time to do what is right and needed. That is very much you, Joey and you “stepping up” will always be appreciated at The Woods and beyond. You have much to give so keep being you and stepping up. Those around you will benefit and you will grow even more. I am proud of you. Next year, Joey will attend Gonzaga College High School.

Colin M. is a humble young man who is respected by all as a hard worker, a great friend, and athlete. Your temperament was always on point and you were never afraid to ask a question. An accomplished baseball player, Colin was a contributor on our teams and led with his hard work and can do attitude. Colin, you may never ask for the spotlight and that is ok, but anyone who knows you will look up to you for the way you work and carry yourself. Keep being you in the years ahead and showing others how it is all done. Next year, Colin will attend Gonzaga College High School.

Christian B. is a fine young man who has graced the halls at The Woods. An accomplished athlete, Christian starred on the pitch as a soccer player and was our most improved player on the basketball court. Christian knows how to compete and used that same approach in the classroom. A gentleman, Christian, I have always enjoyed our conversations about anything and everything. You have been engaging with the adults and your peers. I will miss our conversations, but know you will take those skills with you to Eye Street. Next year, Christian will attend Gonzaga College High School.

Quentin T. is a dynamic young man who can one minute take a lead role in the play, and the next minute focus on his RISE Scholar project. I will not soon forget your performance as Shrek, but it will be your kind and inquisitive “way” that always sticks with me, Q. A Lifer at The Woods, Quentin went from being the baby T. at The Woods to the big T. at The Woods. Through it all, you showed us what hard work looks like, that achievement can happen with the highest of character and compassion, and that getting involved makes you and those around you better. From robotics to acting, to tinkering, to squash, Quentin does it all and does it well. Better yet, he is always positive and that is contagious. Quentin, there is nothing you can’t do. Keep being that courteous, bright, and well-spoken person. We are all better for it. Thank you for leading and showing all of us that you can be successful and caring of others. Next year, Quentin will attend The Potomac School. 

Johnny F. is a gentleman, a scholar, and an athlete. Your kindness is noticed by all around you and unmatched. Our younger students learned so much just by watching you, Johnny. You are a model for all our students and I could not be prouder of you. There is a not a sport at school or outside of school that you have not played. You maintain a busy schedule and top notch grades because you have a work ethic that is to be admired. You are both coachable and a leader at the same time. You are going places my friend and I am excited to see the impact you will make in the years ahead. We are proud of you. Next year, Johnny will attend Georgetown Preparatory School.

Alex F. is a young man who pursues excellence in all that he does. A young man with a thirst for knowledge is how many of your teachers would describe you, Alex. Your thirst for knowledge is only matched by your desire to serve others. You have lived our mission since the first days you arrived at The Woods. You led through your actions and efforts. A contributor on our teams and with our leadership network, Alex has shown us all what it means to serve others. Next year, Alex will take his skills to St. Anselm’s Abbey School.

James C. is a good man. Hard working, leader, good friend are some of the first words that come to mind when I think of James. A talented hockey player, I will always remember the time at the back door when you proudly told me the penalty you received for a great check. James, I will miss you and your “what’s up” chin nod to me each day. Your leadership of lowering the flag to half mast when needed is a tradition we will now keep alive and annually have an 8th grader perform. Your joy and spirit for all that you do is contagious and I know it will carry you forward in all your life's endeavors. Next year, James will attend Georgetown Preparatory School.

Izzy M. is an artist who is also equal parts funny and a bright student. Izzy did it all while at The Woods. From sports and the arts to robotics, choir, and the leadership network. Your beautiful voice is always heard at Mass and in the classroom. Izzy, you did all this with a huge smile on your face, a can do attitude, and as a great friend to many. Your presence will be missed, but it will not be forgotten. Next year, Izzy will attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.

Raphael A. is a young man who can always be counted on. A Lifer at The Woods, Raphael shined in the classroom and on the sports fields. A captain and star on the soccer team, Raphael was clearly a leader in his class. Raphael, your teachers remarked about your ability to connect with so many people, keep the peace, and your calm respectful presence. I could not agree more. The Woods was made to be a better place by your presence, Raphael, and you will be missed. Next year, Raphael will attend Our Lady of Good Counsel as a STEM Scholar.

Angela U. has a contagious smile and has blossomed in her 8th grade year. It is never easy coming into a school as a new student in middle school. Angela dove in with warm smile and can do attitude. As they say, she saved her best for the finish line. Angela, we are all proud of you. Growth happens when you combine effort with support. You have shown us all what growth looks and how hard work pays off. We are proud of you as you hit your stride heading into high school. You've gone into all that The Woods had to offer and made incredible friendships in the process. Keep being you and more heights will be reached. Next Year, Angela will attend the Academy of the Holy Cross.

Martin B. is a scholar, athlete, and a good friend. Martin you are known by your teachers as a charismatic leader who is never short of effort. Martin, we are all proud of the young man you are becoming. A Lifer, your maturity has been impressive and appreciated here at The Woods. You remarked that your fondest memory of The Woods is all the people and opportunities you had while here. Martin, it is easy for me to say this, but I feel the same way about you. You helped make The Woods a better place by being yourself. Next year, Martin will attend Gonzaga College High School.

Felipe U. is a wonderful all-around young man. He is respectful, hard working, charismatic leader, and athletic. Felipe, you do it all, and always give credit to others. A true leadership quality that I admire. Watching you play soccer is a pure joy. You get more joy from sharing than taking the credit. This quality is paramount to successful leadership and you already possess it. As hard as you work in the athletic arena and the classroom, you are equal parts kind and filled with impeccable character. Felipe has, no doubt, made The Woods a better place and “showed” us what it looks like to lead in the various arenas he has performed. Congrats on a great career here at The Woods. Next year, Felipe will attend Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Braxton D. is a young man with a superb sense of humor, great energy, and has a joy that is contagious. Braxton, I will always remember your hustle to get into school before your brother each day. I will also remember how you took an active role in being a great big brother to Dane, and looking out for him. It is an admirable quality, but points to the core of your character. A star tennis player and a strong student, Braxton excelled in all arenas and has a drive to contribute at the next levels. I know you will, Braxton, and will take great joy in watching you contribute in the years ahead. Next year, Braxton will attend Georgetown Preparatory School.

Abby S. showed us all what excellence looks like. A leader on the field as much as in the classroom, Abby led with her actions, not words. That will be a familiar phrase to you next year, Abby. A dedicated student who performed at the top in the classroom and on the field and court. A leader with our leadership network, Abby knows what it means to serve others as well. Well-rounded and a compassionate friend, Abby helped make The Woods better each and every day she was with us. You will be missed Abby, but it's time to take your actions to the next level. Next year, Abby will attend Connelly School of the Holy Child. 

Matthew W. is never short on conversation. An accomplished athlete, one of my fondest memories were the three after three after three pointers you hit in a game this past winter. A great teammate and competitor, Matthew works hard in all that he does. He never complains and is always there for his teammates. These qualities will take you far my friend. Now, as a someone who once lost a bet to you and had to pay that debt by providing ice cream to the entire fifth grade, you are a man for others. See, you could have made a bet on the NBA Finals and reaped the reward all by yourself, but you thought about all your friends and classmates. I told you from that moment forward I would not bet with you any more. Well, I will make one more bet. I bet you are going places and will continue to shine in the years ahead. Keep being you. Working hard and thinking of others will serve you well. I bet these qualities will continue to take you places. That is a bet I can’t lose. Next year, Matthew will attend Gonzaga College High School.