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Learning Support

One of our main objectives at The Woods Academy is to help students become lifelong learners with the ability to collaborate and adapt in an increasingly dynamic world. As the world changes, so must the education we provide in order to equip our students with the necessary skills to not just survive but thrive in the face of a future not yet imagined. 

To support students as they grow and thrive, our Learning Support Team collaborates with families, classroom teachers, and outside support providers (e.g., speech language pathologists, occupational therapists) to allow for a cohesive academic experience.

Student Support

Our students are supported in ways that facilitate their individual learning experience. By helping our students learn HOW to learn they will be equipped for whatever lies ahead. 

We provide small group and individualized instruction for students with diagnosed learning differences. Need based instruction is offered in executive functioning, literacy, and math, and a world language waiver is required.

Faculty Support

Our Learning Support Team works closely with teachers to provide them with guidance on how to best support their students in the classroom. Teachers use various instructional strategies to present classroom materials offering students different pathways for developing skills and understanding content.

Why Woods?

Families choose The Woods Academy for the small class sizes, community, daily World Language, and more. 

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