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The Woods Academy

Where curiosity and confidence thrive.

Lower School (Grades 1-4)

Elementary school students, Bethesda MD

The Woods Academy Lower School

Our private elementary school program gives students in Grades 1 through 4 a solid foundation in basic academics, as well as regular opportunities to practice and develop their analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking skills.

We capture their enthusiasm and excitement and channel it into a program that emphasizes learning, community involvement, and global understanding.

We place special emphasis on literacy and mathematics, as well as on the study of world languages, STEAM, and the Arts – including music. Exploration and discovery are at the heart of our curriculum, which allows our students to develop initiative, flexibility, and independence.

The Woods lower school students find answers to the questions that come up as they discover who they are. They also learn the value of communication and cooperation as they participate in group activities, expand their interests, grow, and flourish while developing a love for learning and an appreciation for the connections between the disciplines they study.


Curious about The Woods?

Attending The Woods Academy can help your child discover talents, grow in faith, challenge him/herself, and foster a strong desire to lead a life of significance. We'd love to share more about our innovative, challenging curriculum with you.

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