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Visiting the Montessori Classroom


Maria Montessori designed the classroom to be a unique learning environment for young children. When shopping for a "just right" school for your child, it is important to visit during a morning work time so you are able to see the classroom in action.

  • Think about Montessori as a three year cycle. Each year compliments the other two and nurtures the development of competence and confidence. Dr. Montessori called it “learning how to learn.”
  • Notice the mixed-aged group (3 to 6), the variety of groupings (individual, partners, small group lessons) as well as work being done. Montessori is a balanced and integrated curriculum. The Montessori Materials are beautiful, precise, attractive, and developmentally appropriate. Lessons are usually given individually.
  • Observe the interactions between teacher and student as well as between students. There is much expertise and respect in the classroom.
  • Observe the social interactions, independence, and confidence of the children. It is their classroom--safe, comfortable, and happy.
  • Feel the ‘buzz” of the busy, engaging, inquiry-based work place. It is a place of learning, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Leave your children home on your first visit to The Woods Montessori so that you can focus on learning as much as possible about the program.
  • Compare/contrast The Woods Montessori environment with conventional preschool classrooms as well as other Montessori programs.
  • Ask yourself if Montessori is a “fit” for your child. Can you imagine him/her here? Would my child be happy and successful in a Montessori environment?
  • Ask yourself if The Woods is a place for your family. Can you imagine yourself as a member of this active community? What opportunities are there for parents to be involved?
  • Ask questions.