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The Woods Academy

Where curiosity and confidence thrive.

Upper School (Grades 5-8)

The Woods Academy Upper School

Our Upper School program for Grades 5 through 8 encourages the development of responsible young men and women through a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical and independent thinking, while recognizing that these students have different interests, strengths, and learning styles.

The Woods middle grades emphasize team teaching, varied student groupings, and hands-on activities. Our program is geared to meet the needs of our students, acknowledging and appreciating their requirement for structure and autonomy, as well as their desire for acceptance and success. Our strong arts, athletics, and guidance programs reinforce our academics and support a climate where our middle school students thrive.

Our community service program, advisor system, and smaller class sizes reflect our commitment to developing middle school students’ sense of social responsibility. Students develop essential skills through exploration, inquiry, reflection, and community service, and leave Grade 8 well-prepared for high school. On average, 100 percent of our graduates are accepted to their first-choice high school.


Our Upper School Advisor System

The Woods Academy upper school advisor system matches faculty and staff with small, same sex groups of students. These groups meet with their advisors every morning and afternoon, and have lunch with them every Friday. This intimate pairing ensures there is at least one adult at The Woods who knows your child well and can act as his or her advocate. Advisors discuss academic, social, and emotional development issues with their students, and the lunch gatherings often include group discussions and activities.

Curious about The Woods?

Attending The Woods Academy can help your child discover talents, grow in faith, challenge him/herself, and foster a strong desire to lead a life of significance. We'd love to share more about our innovative, challenging curriculum with you.

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