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World Language

The study of World Languages at The Woods Academy

Our world language learning starts early, with our Montessori students learning French or Spanish at age four. Our students in Grades 1-8 take a world language class daily, developing a love for languages and communicating that stays with them for the long term.

There are many benefits to learning a second language, in addition to the ability to interact more effectively in our multinational world. For children, the gains range from improved reading and grades to stronger standardized test scores and increased levels of creativity, empathy, and problem-solving skills.

Here are a few of the reasons, backed with research, for children to learn a second language:

  1. Students who study a world language for just one year score an average of 38 points higher on the SATs. Four years of a world language can improve scores by more than 100 hundred points.
  2. People who speak more than one language are much better multitaskers.
  3. Individuals who know two languages are better able to tolerate differences and find solutions to conflict.

Curious about The Woods?

Attending The Woods Academy can help your child discover talents, grow in faith, challenge him/herself, and foster a strong desire to lead a life of significance. We'd love to share more about our innovative, challenging curriculum with you.

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Daily World Language

Students of the World

World Language Curriculum

In addition to development of communication skills, students are exposed to various aspects of French/ Francophone or Spanish/ Latin American culture including geography, weather, holidays, customs, and traditions. Explore the curriculum.

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Stories from the Language Classrooms

Language learning is engaging and fun. Read stories from our language classrooms to learn more.

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