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Stories from the Language Classrooms

Mr. Canales, World Language Teacher

During this year when the regular classroom became a virtual one via Zoom meetings for world language classes, Linguascope became the superstar program/platform for French classes in all our lower school grades.

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Célébrons la francophonie!
Monsieur Canales, Madame Zachor, and Madame Jibladze, French Teachers

Although we were not able to celebrate the French-speaking world with our normal festival this year, we did make sure that each French class engaged in activities that would help them appreciate French as a global language that will allow them to connect with so many people and travel to so many countries.

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Same on the Inside
Mr. Canales, World Language Teacher

Earlier this year, we received a visit from Ms. (Mademoiselle)  Laurence Laurent who works as a Kindergarten French Teacher at Elsie Whitlow Stokes, a Bilingual  Public Charter School in Washington DC.

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