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Athletics at The Woods Academy

Athletics are a critical part of a child's education and building blocks in their development. At the same time, they acquire an appreciation for health and fitness and habits that will remain with them for the long-term.

Our students gain qualities essential for their personal and social growth, including self-discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem, and personal integrity. They also learn necessary fundamental skills, including coordination, body and spatial awareness, effort, flexibility, communication, cooperation, teamwork, the reward of hard work, and perseverance.


The Woods Academy Athletic Program reinforces the goals of the school‘s mission while helping students build character through competitive athletics. The program is for Grade 5 through 8 students and is designed to develop the following habits of character:

  • Commitment to doing your best to improve yourself and your team,
  • A Positive Attitude that encourages your teammates through enthusiasm for your sport,
  • Respect for your teammates and coaches, opponents, officials and yourself as a student and an athlete,
  • Sportsmanship that demonstrates an appreciation of the challenge that the opponent provides and commitment to playing hard but fair at all times, and
  • Responsibility for your own actions and words.

Athletics Facilities

After-School Competitive Athletics

Middle School students (Grades 5-8) are encouraged to participate in our competitive athletics program, which includes both individual and team sports.

They can join several afternoon interscholastic athletic sports, including soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball, baseball, cross country, golf, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. Our teams compete against area schools (games are primarily in Maryland and DC) with similar athletic program philosophies.

Boys Tennis
Cross Country
Girls Tennis
Girls Volleyball

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