Continuing to Seek Opportunities to Grow
Tyler Murray (2007)

I love to experience new things and force myself out of my comfort zone.  After graduating from college, I served with City Year, which is an AmeriCorps program that places teams of volunteers into underperforming schools.  I worked in an elementary school in Southeast Washington, DC.  My school was so much different than anything I've ever experienced, from the students I mentored, the teachers I worked with, and the teammates I served with. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life and continue to seek opportunities to grow.

Every day serving with City Year was a reminder of how blessed I have been in my life. Being in another elementary school makes me especially grateful for my time at The Woods. I thank God for everything that I have in my life and always think about how I can use those gifts to help others.

During college, I worked as a Firefighter/EMT in Davidson, NC. That experience inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. So, I began an MD/MBA program at Tufts University in 2016. I loved working on a team at the fire department and one of my career goals is to become the director of an emergency medical services agency. As a physician, I want to lead a team to provide excellent care to patients, regardless of my specialty.

Another aspiration for pursuing an MD/MBA degree is to understand the complex healthcare system in our country. I know that there are a lot of people who do not have full access to healthcare and that’s a problem I want to fix.