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The Woods Academy

Where curiosity and confidence thrive.
Great Laughter, Joy, and, Of Course, Hard Work
Edwin Villegas (1984, Parent 2021, 2022, 2025) & Eunice (Villegas) D'Augostine (1990, Parent 2019, 2021)

We as a family were so fortunate in the late '80s and early '90s to attend The Woods Academy, without our parents working many different jobs we would not be where we are in this world today. The Woods Academy was a supportive, nurturing environment that fostered our learning and growth and (supported the teachings of our parents). Our parents arrived here as immigrants and their main goal was to ensure our education so that we would one day make a difference in this world. They sacrificed a lot to put us through Woods. The Woods Academy fit our parents’ goal and we are now part of this very special environment that helped us to gain confidence, strength, and the ability to succeed.

Our years at The Woods were ones of great laughter, joy, and of course hard work! We both made lasting friendships through those years and we still keep in touch with our former classmates.

Each day we drop our children off at school, we see that they are "jumping" out of the car to get to school – an idea that not many can find in other schools.

We are so fortunate to have a school in which parent involvement is appreciated and expected, as parents now we are fortunate enough to volunteer with our time and talent for this great institution.

We will never forget Mrs. Piwko - she is one of the most memorable teachers in our lives! She is super supportive, loving, and tough all at the same time! Every time we walk down the halls of The Woods, we feel as if we are transported back to the 1980s.